Monster Trophy Lake Trout Fishing:

The Excitement:

Nothing is more exciting then bringing a big monster Lake Trout up from the depths of the lake. Your rod is bent straight down into the water. There is line screaming off your reel and your fishing partner is jumping up and down with the net and having a hard time controlling their excitement.

Our Lake Trout fight so hard that you never know if you have a 5-pounder or a 20-pounder on the line. The anticipation you feel while you battle the trout to the boat drives you nuts because you never know what you have until you see it. That's why people that fish for Lake Trout are usually Lake Trout fanatics. Lower Foster Lake is one of the best Lake Trout lakes in Saskatchewan and often turns guests into Lake Trout fanatics. Our guests have stories of giant Lake Trout being right up to the boat but too big to get in the net.

Size & Numbers:

The Lake Trout average 3 to 5-pounds, which is the best size for eating. There are large numbers of Lakers in the 6 to 10-pound range.

Two or three people in each group will catch Lake Trout over 30 inches long, which is over 11 pounds. There are lots of big monsters in the lake and there is always a great chance of catching trophy Lake Trout in the 20 to 35-pound range.

On a good day, our guests will catch from 10 to 20 Lakers per person, with as many as 43 recorded in one day. There are numerous stories of big ones that got away by either breaking the line or spooling the reel.

Lures & Colors:

In the spring the trout are easily caught on various spoons in colors of blue/silver, chartreuse, silver rainbow and red & white. Later on in the year we use Rapala Husky Jerks in size 10 to 14. Rapala Deep Divers in blue and silver also work great when using downriggers. Any color of flashers can be used ahead of the hook.

Trout Fishing Contest:

The guest who catches the biggest Lake Trout of the year get their names put on a plaque and hung in the main Lodge. Keeping that in mind can help motivate you to fish harder. It also brings more excitement to the fishing, as your anticipation is greater when you have a big monster on the line.

Lake Trout