Fly-Fishing For Trophy Northern Pike

Just imaging quietly drifting into a weedy bay on a calm sunny afternoon. With a closer look, you see the weeds moving apart but can not see any fish. Then a school of minnows comes flying out of the water. You silently send your fly onto a clear patch between the weeds and start to retrieve it when a giant splash breaks the silence and all you can hear is your fly-reel screaming off line.

That is why fly-fishing for Northern Pike gets more and more popular every day. It's a very effective way to get bait into thick weedy spots and its much more challenging to bring a fish in compared to a spinning rod and reel.

Lower Foster Lake is the perfect place to fly fish for pike or learn how to fly fish. There are so many pike that you will catch lots on your fly rod. If the pike gets off, who cares? You will get many more on your line.

Northern Pike in Lower Foster Lake can exceed 47 inches, which is over 40 pounds. Have you ever caught a 40-pound fish on a fly-rod before? Here's your chance.

Below are some of the most popular pike flies:

1) Barry Reynolds Pike Bunny

2) Rabbit Strip Pike Bunny

3) Mcmurderer

4) Red & White Pike Fly

5) Shiner Flies

6) Whistler Fly

7) Mickey Finn Streamer

8) English Pikefly

9) Softshell crayfish fly

10) Dancing frog

11) Phils Shiner bunny

12) Slider diver

13) Dahlberg diver

14) Kelpie diver

15) Pencil popper

16) Hard foam poppers