Monster Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Lower Foster Lake is one of the best Fly-in Trophy Northern Pike lakes in Saskatchewan and maybe all of Canada. The Foster River runs in-and-out of the lake constantly rejuvenating the water with oxygen and fresh clean water. The Foster River is a perfect habitat for Pike to have a successful and productive spawn, thus keeping the Northern Pike population high. The Foster River also facilitates perfect spawning conditions for Suckers and Whitefish, thus keeping a bountiful amount of food to not only sustain large populations of Northern Pike but to allow the northerns to grow big.


The average size Northern Pike is 3 to 4-pounds, which are fun to catch and the best eating size. On average, guests can expect to catch between 20 and 50 pike in an afternoon. On a really good day, which is common, you can expect to catch up to 75 Northern Pike in a day.


Like any kind of fishing, catching big trophies can depend on many different factors. You can hit the high population spots and go for high numbers, which statistically, you will catch a trophy eventually. You can also put on some bigger Muskie style lures and troll off the rocky points of bays or river mouths and try to pick up a monster pike. How hard you work is also a factor. If you spend half the day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery, they you can not expect to catch as many big pike as someone who is casting constantly from morning until night.

On average, each group can expect to catch 4 or 5 pike over 36 inches and 2 or 3 pike over 45 inches. There are lots on monster size Northern Pike over 47 inches. Guests who know the lake or others who are expert pike hunters usually catch more. If it's your first time fishing Lower Foster Lake, we will make sure you know where all the hot spots are.

Pike Fishing Contest:

The guest who catches the biggest Northern Pike of the year get their names put on a plaque and hung in the main Lodge. Keeping that in mind can help motivate you to fish harder. It also brings more excitement to the fishing, as your anticipation is greater when you have a big monster on the line.


Lower Foster Lake is a CR2 Lake, which means barbless hooks are mandatory.

You can keep 3 Northern Pike 30 inches or smaller. All bigger fish must be treated with care and released, which is another reason why our trophy pike fishing is so awesome. Big pike should be cradled by the belly to ensure there is no damage to their internal organs. Never pick a pike up by its eye sockets like they use to do in the old days. It damages their optic nerve, which makes them go blind and they starve to death.

Suggested Lures:

The pike lures recommended are Len Thompson #2 (Green frog and 5 of diamonds). Rapala Deep Divers and Rapala Shad Raps are also very effective. Any jigs with rubber jerk baits will also drive the pike crazy.

Lower Foster Lake

Lower Foster Lake is a Canadian Shield Lake (non-porous Precambrian rock) and has countless weedy bays, rocky points, river mouths and sunken weedy plateaus. It's a perfect habitat to grow big Trophy Northern Pike. The lake is 26 miles long and approximately 6.5 miles at its widest. Pike are found everywhere.

There are also deep spots in the lake, which can go down to 140 feet. These deep parts of the lake are a nursery for Suckers, Whitefish and Lake Trout, which is the main feeder fish for the pike. There are also rivers and countless feeder streams, which supply the younger pike with small minnows and insects.