Pictures of Trophy Northern Pike From Northern Saskatchewan

July & August / 2007 - We had 3 couples come in on July 27th and left on Aug. 2nd. In that time they kept score of the fish they caught each day. They mainly fished for Northern Pike. They ended up with 6 Northern Pike over 40 inches, 25 Northern Pike over 30 inches and in total they caught 1080 fish in the 5 days.

Then a group of 4 guys came in trout fishing. In 4 days they caught 21 Lake Trout from 34 to 38 inches (15- 25 lbs.) and 4 Lake Trout from 30-34 inches (10-15 lbs) and around 80 Lake Trout that were 30 inches or smaller. The fishing has been great.

Fishing at Beaver Lodge Fly-inn is awesome in July & August, which cannot be said about other parts of Canada. 75% of our customers are repeats and speak highly of the fishing and service.